• 1996

    Turkey's Leading Event Company

    With their experience in events and hospitality sector over 20 years and encouraged by their achievements in the high-level events sector, Nurten and Tuncay Kuzu established Mimoza Event Company in 1996 by investing in the events sector.
    With its unique services in wedding and party planning industry "Mimoza" has made its name to the market in a short time. With its modern designs, unique events, quality, and customer satisfaction, it became one of the most preferred event companies of Turkey.

  • 1998

    Two Years Later

    Bringing indoor fascinating events to the outdoors, Mimoza first entered the tent rental sector in 1998 with a 680 m² domestic tarpaulin system and made an innovation in events sector.
    With its new corporate identity, Mimoza Organization changed its name into Mimoza Tent Rental & Event Company. In its first works, it has provided essential services in Turkish Tourism by creating enclosed spaces in historical places such as Topkapı Palace, Yedikule Dungeons, Caravansarays.

  • 2001

    Five Years Later

    Our company took part in more than 150 projects such as Fair, Congress, Groundbreaking Ceremony, Launch, Special Party and Party planning all over Turkey. By increasing the stock of steel construction materials by 2.5 times, Mimoza has reached the capacity of creating an enclosed space of 2000 m² in total which can be used in various events during winter or summer.

  • 2013

    Nine Years Later

    Mimoza Tent Rental & Event Company did its best to put the German High Tech Tent (Hi-Tech Tent) into service of events sector in 2005 in compliance with the European Standards, which was the first in Turkey.
    By increasing its capacity to 15.000 m² and providing mobile event space creation services, Mimoza Tents has launched a new era in the sector by blending German engineering with its experience of over 20 years.

  • 2016

    20 Years Later as Today…

    In 20 years;

    - We constructed event space of 2 million m².
    - We provided service for 1.5 million guests.
    - We planned events in more than 15 countries.
    - By increasing our capacity by our partnership abroad, Mimoza Tents can provide rentable enclosed space of 250.000 m² today.

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