Haliç Congress Center TOS + H Occupational Health and Safety Fair Tents


Project Details

  • Hi-tech Fair Tent of 40m x 130m (5200m²) size
  • Dome tent of 6m x 6m (36m²) size
  • Dome tent of 5m x 5m (25m²) size
  • Arcum series Event Tent of 10m x 20m (200m²) size
  • Arcum series Event Tent of 10m x 15m (150m²) size
  • A-Roof Event Tent of 40m size
  • Side height: 4m
  • Central height: 12m
  • Arcum Series Event Tent of 10m size
  • Side height: 3m
  • Central Height: 4.30 m
  • Exterior coating
  • Side Walls: Opaque White PVC (light proof)
  • Roof Coating Opaque White PVC (light proof)
  • Installation Time: 3 days
  • 3D Design
  • Planning.
  • Interior design.
  • Supply and installation of the products.
  • Carpeting on raised floor.
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