Sait Halim Pasha Mansion Cartier Fashion Vip Dinner


Project Details

    • The application of the tent on the site by using CAD programs
    • Installation of A-Roof Type Transparent Party Tent of 15m x 30m size
    • Installation of A-Roof Type Opaque Service Tent of 6m x 12m size
    • Covering tent floor with flame retardant carpet
    • Mess hall decoration with modern design
    • Lighting and sound system installation on the truss
    • Applying special fabric on the interior walls of tents
    • Specially designed poly crystal facade covering
    • High strength floor covering
    • Air conditioning system for cold and hot
    • Hi-tech tent with aluminum construction
    • Panic door system.
    • Sound and heat insulation.
    • Transparent window system on the side walls of the tent.
    • Ducted air conditioning system.
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